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This is a question that comes up often. How to get 3000 Facebook followers ? We know how frustrating it is to take time to write a post, choose a great image, post it on time, and only see that a few people have seen it.

However, users on Facebook, this is not what is missing. In June 2017, the social platform said that more than 1.3 billion people log in to it every day. Knowing that the world population is about 5 times this number


We can deduce that almost 20% of the world’s population connects to Facebook every day. It’s amazing when you think about it. A tiny part of this population might be interested in what you do.

However, Facebook does not make it easy for you. With perpetual updates to its algorithm, Facebook limits the reach of your posts. This is why you need to start with 3000 Facebook followers.

There was a time when almost all of your fans saw your content. Now that’s another story. Facebook naturally limits the reach of your posts. What is the reason ? This is because Facebook does not want companies to use its network as a medium to push their branded content.

We can understand. Facebook wants to show the content that most interests these users. Indeed, each user will see different posts in their newsfeed. For Facebook, the goal is to give each user the best possible experience on its network.

Then what is the exact purpose of having 3000 Facebook followers ? In other words, personalizing your news feed is the role of the Facebook algorithm. According to TechCrunch, Facebook’s algorithm analyzes over 100,000 factors to determine which posts will be shown in your news feed.

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Fortunately, we know the major factors that the algorithm looks at. That’s from where comes this service of 3000 Facebook followers. Your content will be shown based on five things.

These are basically who you are, what you post, the performance of your posts, what type of content you post, and the recency of the content.  You think it has nothing to do with getting fans?

On the contrary, it has! However, begging for followers, inviting all users to like your Page, or exchanging likes with friends and family will not help you get more fans. indeed, these people will NEVER see your publications because they are not relevant to them.

réseaux sociauxThat, Facebook knows it. In addition, you are penalizing yourself by attracting the wrong followers. Good news, if you follow the rules of the game, you will have 3000 Facebook followers !

On our page, we have just over 1600 fans and yet almost all of our posts have a reach of over 1000, based on Facebook post statistics. We just follow the rules dictated by the algorithm, cultivating commitment day after day without trying to do anything harmful to the page.

This is exactly what we promise in this service, 3000 Facebook followers the right way !


Arabs, Worldwide

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