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Search Engine Optimization

$ 100

Our professional search engine optimization (SEO) services are designed around your specific needs so you can get the maximum results from your website traffic, as quickly as possible, guaranteed! Here are some of the things we will do for you when you choose us over other agencies.

search engine optimization

1. Keyword Research and Analysis: We will research the search terms you should be targeting if you want to take your website traffic and revenue to the next level. We will use this information to craft an entirely unique SEO strategy, customized exclusively for you alone. You won’t find our methods anywhere else!

2. We audit your site: After doing some research, our search engine optimization services will consist on auditing your existing traffic and rankings to determine what you are currently doing right, or wrong, to attract organic traffic from search engines. This is where we’ll list exactly what you should be doing to improve your current SEO efforts before it’s too late.

seo expert in marrakesh

Indeed, we will also use our experience to tell you what you should avoid doing. This is where most people mess up their site’s search rankings! We will analyze your website for anything that could harm you in the eyes of Google and other search engines, including incorrect codes, duplicate content, meta tags, broken links, etc.

3. Social Signals: You may have heard of social signals and how they can help increase traffic to your website, but did you know that Google actually penalizes websites if their social presence doesn’t really match up their global SEO authority?

This means that if your website is a trusted resource in your industry, but you don’t have any social signals pointing to it from high-quality accounts, you could start to lose your rankings! Our search engine optimization services will create and manage several relevant and high-authority social profiles for you that will establish your website as a leader in online communities and social circles.

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4. Ongoing Monitoring: We understand that you’re busy running your business, so we do the work for you, thanks to our search engine optimization services! Every day we will monitor your rankings and traffic reports to make sure nothing is out of place from a search engine perspective.

Our search engine optimization services use the latest technologies to monitor your rankings and traffic from multiple locations around the world. Our team of specialists are ready to alert you if something seems to be behaving abnormally. We allow ourselves to quickly make changes before it’s too late!


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