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T ikTok is the latest trends app according to millennials, and nothing could be further from the truth than this description. TikTok has transformed, and continues to transform, into a multi-faceted app, poised to account for 20 percent of overall social media usage share in this same year of 2022, according to statistics, a potential to take profit from, via at least 3K TikTok followers.

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In a world where young internet users prefer short audio and video content over longer formats and texts, TikTok has become the paradigm for other social media giants. We’ve seen platforms like Instagram playing catch-up and copying features like text-to-speech, remix options, and the audio tab.

According to statistic, in terms of the number of global users, TikTok has overtaken Snapchat and Twitter to secure a place as the third social network behind Facebook and Instagram. Although we have seen its growth starting to slow down (60% in 2020 to 40% in 2021), we can still expect a much larger increase in users compared to the competition.

Do you need more reasons to start with 3K TikTok followers ? Most surprisingly, TikTok overtook Google in internet traffic last year. Just that ! In addition, TikTok became the most visited domain in the world in 2021, according to Cloudflare source. The popularity of TikTok shows us that we still have users trusting word-of-mouth short videos more than the traditional search engine Google.

As for the fact-checking issue, TikTok already has measures in place such as banners on unverified accounts and verification of reported content. Plus having a great audience of 3K TikTok followers is an easy task as this is a versatile platform. This year, it has gone from being just a platform for dance and beauty trends to becoming a platform for educational content as well.

Also, the social medium is having more and more diversified content being posted, including small business advertising, shopping, mental health and disease awareness, talent discovery, job search, study assistance and, now, you can even order food from it ! How did this happen exactly on TikTok ?

This diversification is made possible by the niche environments and the app’s unique algorithm. According to reports obtained by The New York Times, Generation Z users consume an average of 233 TikToks per day. Your 3K TikTok followers may not only include 18-23 users.

Reports show that 48% of millennial moms are on TikTok and spend an average of an hour there a day. In France, time spent on the main social network and messaging apps per month broke records for growth and duration, from 2018 to 2021. Big brands have realized this diversification of TikTok.

Businesses are moving from “testing TikTok” to allocating a separate budget and developing app-specific campaigns as part of their social media strategy. What can make 3K TikTok followers buy something ? Ulta Beauty, in the United States, is an example of a big brand that has increased its advertising budget on TikTok.

This have made it see an increase in sales of certain products that have simply been featured on this social medium, or have gone viral there. Their senior director in charge of media and content strategy analyzes : « TikTok is above all a question of state of mind. People go there for lots of different reasons : they seek to connect, laugh, find feel-good stories, and make purchases, whether they consciously know it or not ».

What’s next on TikTok ? This year, although the social medium may grow at a slower pace, we can expect further advantages of starting with 3K TikTok followers as diversification efforts continue to be seen, especially since TikTok TV has just launched in North America : access to short video content is no longer limited to mobile devices like before.

Additionally, the social medium has quietly launched its own streaming software to a few thousand users. Who knows what awaits us? Family content has increased and continues to increase on the platform. Especially since millennials are more and more numerous on TikTok.

Trends that encourage family involvement, group activities, and advice found through hashtags such as #momsoftiktok are contributing to this growth. Big brands and even start-ups can no longer look at having 3K TikTok followers as only a group of dance fans from Generation Z. There’s a niche for everyone and 2021 has been filled with success stories from companies of all sizes who have taken advantage of this app.

The coming year will demonstrate the importance of having at least 3K TikTok followers, and finding a place among this myriad of communities of education, entertainment, selling and networking.

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