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SEO Marketing campaign : 8 strategies for 2019

The years go by, the basics of natural referencing remain the same but new SEO strategies emerge. Here is a summary, from SEO Specialist, of the 8 most important SEO strategies to apply in your SEO Marketing campaign during 2019 :

SEO Marketing campaign is all about quality content

Voluntarily put first, this strategy that has lasted for many years has never been as true as in 2019. Google no longer wants 300-word articles rewritten (or written quickly) just to pretend « unique content » in the SEO Marketing campaign. The attention of Internet users is very easily lost and Google knows it, that is why it rewards useful, detailed, but also pleasant content to read.

SEO Marketng adapts for the targeted keywords

This means offering the right content, products and services, according to the request of the user that is targeted, while caring for the user experience in the SEO Marketing campaign. The idea is also not to try to « fight » on keywords where we have 0 legitimacy to be well placed, because you will be wasting your time, money and resources that you could have allocated on more relevant keywords with much better ROI.

For example, if your brand only offers « Shoes made in China », it is useless that you try to target the keyword « Shoes Made in France » by highlighting that your products are 100% Made in China. On the other hand, a blog article on the concrete differences between Made in China and Made in France could be relevant for the user who is looking for this. You can thus suggest most of the time a relevant alternative but you will need, above all, to observe what brings you more than just traffic.

Drastically optimize the loading time of your website

Now that almost all websites are in HTTPS, Google has been interested, for a few years, about the loading time of pages ! The optimization of loading time is a priority to be clearly not neglected your SEO Marketing campaign during 2019 , especially when the navigation is mainly done on mobile! Do not hesitate to check out the Google PageSpeed Tools that offer a calculation mode to let you know about the loading time of your website.

Quality content is good, with quality links, it’s better. In 2019, your SEO Marketing campaign will always have to include quality links to rank on competitive topics. The good news is that you need less links than before, even on very competitive topics. Quality is essential! Take the time to ask yourself what quality links are for you, and focus your 2019 netlinking strategy on what you think is most relevant.

Analyze and rule

Analysis is the basis of any SEO Marketing campaign : what are your best performing pages? Why do they perform better than others? What are the least competitive keywords and the most important one to target in matter of ROI? Why is your bounce rate high here and not elsewhere? Which pages should be updated first? What are the concrete differences between the best positioned competitors and you? Which pages are useless and to delete?

Optimize the CTR of your pages in the search results

At equal SEO positions, you can earn a significant share of traffic over a year by simply optimizing snippets (excerpts of your pages in the search results). For this, there are several levers available for your SEO Marketing campaign : the title, the meta description, the URL, adding emojis to your snippets, etc.

SEO Marketing and videos in your content

In 2018, video marketing has clearly taken a new track in every SEO Marketing campaign. To optimize the user experience of your website in 2019, the use of an explanatory or presentative video of your product is increasingly recommended. Indeed, it will improve the conversion rate of your traffic and limit the bounce rate ; two indicators monitored closely by Google.

Continue to target the long tail

If the optimization of the long tail is not a new strategy in itself, it is one of the essential strategies to boost your SEO Marketing campaign and get qualified traffic on any website. Many studies show that long tail keywords carry much more qualified and profitable traffic than the short ones, so why not?

Google is now able to adapt and customize the search results very accurately and dynamically, and these strategies should not be absent from your SEO Marketing campaign, towards higher ranks in search engines. Feeling lost ? Hire an SEO expert and let us do the rest !

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