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Small business SEO : Why Google hides you (2024)

You feel that you are doing everything right, yet your small business SEO have never cracked 1,000 unique visitors per month, and only a few of your posts are getting search traffic. If your posts does not receive a few thousand search visits a month, then you are doing something wrong. Here are nine reasons why you do not get as much search engine traffic as you deserve.

Your small business SEO does not include keywords in titles

The title is the most important part of your small business SEO, in order to generate traffic. When you search for something in Google, the keyword you’re looking for is almost always in the title. Therefore, if you want to start using specific keywords, they should appear in your title and in the content.

Your site is not indexed

If your small business SEO is not indexed, search engines won’t send you traffic. So, how do you index? Google (and other search engines) will index your site automatically, but here are some steps you can speed up the process by creating an XML sitemap with the Google plugin, then submit it via the Webmaster Tools. As your site becomes more popular, search engine spiders will visit your site more frequently and index your content faster.

Your small business SEO does not create content to share

A study has confirmed that Google’s search results are somewhat based on the number of tweets, which has appeared to be in a direct correlation with the ranking on search results. URLs for more than 7,500 tweets averaged fifth place for their keyword. It makes sense too. If people share your blog, it’s a good sign that the search results are worth it.

You are not writing what people are looking for

The first step in writing a blog post is to determine what people want to know. Ignoring this step is like starting a business without trying to find out what people want to buy. If you want to generate search traffic, you must search by keywords. I know I’ve said it here and there, but to be honest with yourself, how often do you actually do it? To help you determine which keywords people are searching for, you can use the Google Keyword Planner or SEMRush.

One way to create an ultimate resource for a particular keyword is to link to other resources within your blog post, both externally and internally, which makes your blog more valuable, plus one of the best ways to get backlinks is to start by creating links to other bloggers.

You do not create keyword-based posts

In the same time, once you know exactly which keywords are popular, you need to create content specifically for those queries. As you do your research, create a list of relevant keywords for your audience, keep those which are searched more than 500 times a month, then write a blog post for each keyword. If you need help to make it, we are here to assist.

Your small business SEO forgets about images optimization

Optimizing your images will help your search engine rankings in two ways : you will probably get traffic through Google’s image search, and this is another way to tell the search engines what your main keyword is. To optimize your images, remember to save them in [keyword-sentence.png] format before uploading them to your site, and add a title tag to it afterwards. If you have questions about optimizing your images, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

Your posts are not complete

Remember that Google’s job is to provide relevant, high-quality search results. Ideally, the best and most complete web page for each keyword will always be in the first rank. For example, if you write a 100-word post on « How to get traffic in search engines » when someone else has written a 3,000-word article that covers every nook and cranny of the subject, Google will find a way to place the 3,000-word post up and drop yours by the wayside. Your goal with every blog post is to create the ultimate resource for that particular keyword. 2,000 words per blog post is a good rule of thumb.

One of the benefits of using WordPress for your small business SEO is that it generates easy-to-index pages. If your website is easy to index, Google will rank it better. This platform is widely regarded as the best one for website creation, in part because all the best online resources have been built for it, and people who use WordPress keep recommending it in fact. The key here is to have a well coded website, which WordPress does easily and without much technical knowledge.

Once you’re in the habit of searching for keywords, choosing a specific one, and delivering content, it will become easy to emphasize on writing for search engines. Your writing will become a routine. If you have to follow these steps, it’s because they make the most effective way to find out what people want to read and spread.

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