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Top SEO expert in Marrakech since 2010

Are you searching for a SEO expert in Marrakech ? We are here to help companies improve their visibility in search engines by increasing their organic traffic. First, let’s talk about the tasks we perform. We pretend havibg a wide range of skills in online marketing and being endowed with several qualities that we will detail in this post.

marrakech seo expert

With the evolution of digital professions, we have gradually moved from the image of the web marketer locked in a room with computers, to open-ended roles that have evolved a lot in recent years : digital project manager, traffic manager, social media manager , SEO consultant, CRM manager, data scientist, etc.

In other words, with digital, the spectrum of marketing has widened. The consumer is no longer the last link in the marketing chain. He has become active. He posts on the Internet, participates, comments, etc. We are far from the historical 4Ps. Above all, our SEO expert in Marrakech knows the methods and levers to improve the positioning of a site in search engines rankings in order to reach the first page and the first positions.

In addition, our SEO expert in Marrakech closely follows the evolution of the rules to avoid sanctions, and can redefine the SEO strategy if he deems it necessary. He is not necessarily a computer expert, but he has knowledge of development, since he has to consult and edit the source code of web pages. He is also a data analyst since he does SEO.

Our qualified SEO expert in Marrakech is also able to analyze the usability of a website or online store and makes recommendations to improve the user experience, a characteristic that plays a role in SEO. He is distinguished by his editorial quality and knows how to deal with more or less complex subjects, taking into account the specificities of the web (concise and structured articles that hold the reader’s attention).

Curiosity is also one of his particularities. Indeed, it allows to take an interest in new techniques and to have a head start on other companies who represent the competition in search engine results. It is also an asset in the search for external links (backlinks) to your site. In addition, our SEO expert in Marrakech has every interest in being patient and pedagogical.

This skill is essential because sometimes you have to wait several months before seeing the first results of the optimizations. Our SEO expert in Marrakech has the ability to transmit part of his know-how, which is not negligible during SEO training. He works as a freelancer and can do trips to visit clients. He is an expert in digital marketing.

Pure product of Generation Y, Mouad Gouzrou have been immersed in the world of the web and new technologies since being a teenager. Always in search of meaning, he quickly wanted to understand the techniques and tools necessary for good visibility on the internet. So here he is immersed in the nebulous world of web marketing and SEO!

After several experiences and training, he decided to make his passion a job. For more than 10 years now, he has been supporting companies of all sizes in the development of their web marketing and SEO natural referencing strategies, in order to constantly increase their visibility on the wide Internet.

Our SEO expert in Marrakech works in complete transparency, and remains available for any questions or requests for clarification, at each stage of the project. Quality is his priority whatever the nature of the project, for all his clients without exception. With him, no delay in delivery! He respects his commitments and guarantees a work delivered within the agreed deadlines.

Process of our SEO expert in Marrakech

The audit is the starting point for developing an SEO strategy. The control and analysis of the existing will allow us to establish a relevant and efficient SEO action plan. Depending on the problem you encounter, the audit can be carried out in a global way, or more targeted, thanks to a technical, semantic audit or even a popularity audit.

The audit thus lays the foundations of our work and allows us to have an overall view of the recommendations to be put in place. Keyword research, also called semantic analysis, is one of the most important steps in building your SEO strategy. The keyword study will allow us to identify the most relevant and popular keywords according to your sector of activity.

The goal ? Obtain significant but above all targeted and qualified traffic, with high conversion potential. For this, our SEO expert in Marrakech uses recognized semantic analysis tools, in order to better assess the relevance of keywords, in particular according to the number of monthly searches and the number of competitors.

SEO copywriting is an essential component of your SEO strategy, allowing you to generate qualified traffic and convert your visitors more easily, by positioning yourself at the top of search results. For this, your content must be consistent and of high quality, in order to be seen and read as much as possible. For relevant content that appeals to your readers but also to search engines, call on a professional copywriter.

seo expert at marrakech

Our SEO expert in Marrakech will then implement a netlinking campaign, increasing incoming links on qualitative and popular websites in your field, in order to improve the popularity of your own website. Establishing a relevant netlinking strategy is essential to improve the SEO and audience of your site, while improving the theming of your pages. You will gain visibility on search engines by strengthening the positioning of your keywords.

For a coherent and effective SEO strategy, it is necessary to carry out regular monitoring of SEO performance, which makes it possible to analyze the actions carried out as part of the SEO strategy, and to evaluate their performance. Depending on the results, our SEO expert in Marrakech can adapt the strategy or implement new actions. SEO performance tracking reports can be sent to you weekly or monthly.

Benefit from the expertise of our SEO expert in Marrakech to improve your presence and your visibility on the net. SEO audit and recommendations, study of keywords, SEO netlinking campaign and performance monitoring, so many key steps for a relevant and effective SEO strategy. A complete SEO service lasts between 6 and 12 months, but the first results are visible from the first 3 months following the implementation of the SEO strategy.

We are also here to support you during SEO optimization if you do not have a dedicated in-house team. For more than 10 years, we have accompanied many companies, regardless of their size and sector of activity. Do you need to increase your visibility on the web? Would you like to be accompanied in the implementation of your SEO strategy? Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss your project together.

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