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SEO help for beginners, for a better positioning (2024)

If you rub shoulders with people who work in marketing, you’ve probably heard about the positioning of online content. But concretely, do you know how to proceed? Do you know any techniques to improve the indexing of a web page? This article offers simple, fast and effective SEO help that you can easily set up to improve your positioning. The SEO illustrates a simple idea : it is to be found and indexed by the search engines, and this in order to appear at the top of search results. In theory, each page on the web is identifiable by these engines, so subject to indexing, and therefore potentially accessible to any user.

SEO help

Being basically indexed is an essential first SEO help tip that requires no particular knowledge, since it is the search engine that does the work. For websites, blogs and other web pages that do not have visibility goals, no specific SEO is necessary. Keeping a personal blog on a trip or an expatriation in order to keep in touch with family and friends is a concrete example of a practice where the natural work of search engines is more than enough.

However, if you want to use the potential of search engines in order to improve your positioning in the search results, you will need some SEO help. As you well know, on Google, the most used search engine, only the first results receive a real attention from the user. A recent study confirmed this fact, which each of us can testify by himself.

In terms of webmarketing, we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to evoke all the techniques aimed at improving the positioning of an element, be it a web page, a blog, a website, etc. The objective is very clearly to position you as quickly as possible in the search results, ideally on the first lines of the first page.

On Google, there are two possibilities for hoping to win : paid search through the purchase of keywords (Google AdWords), and free SEO through the use of natural and organic techniques.

For developing an effective SEO strategy, the main idea is to get much visibility on the first page of search results, and to maximize your chances of getting the click. For that, we recommend a holistic approach orienting towards a complementarity of the paying and free practices.

The first SEO help tip is to generate new stuff by creating your own content. The basic idea is to manifest life. Google loves fresh content! For example, you can create a blog on which you will regularly publish content in the form of articles, videos, visuals, tutorials, etc. which will make sense for the Internet users.

In a second time, think of inserting internal links within your contents. By working on the specific lexical field to your activity, you can develop ideas on related topics, and thus create links between the different content that you publish on your platform. The goal is to constitute a semantic cocoon that will testify to your field of activity, and to link the different elements between them. This is called the internal linking, which is very appreciated by Google.

Finally, try to get backlinks, which are links from external web pages, linking to your own content. When you get a link from other website, this creates a backlink that will be beneficial in terms of SEO.

By creating links within your own content to external web pages, you improve your chances of getting links back, and that’s positive karma for your positioning. Do not hesitate to reach to us for further SEO help!

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