Video management platform

Video management platform : 3 exemplary companies

Simplifying the management of videos, securing their distribution, maximizing and measuring their impact. All of these are some of the numerous advantages of a video management platform. More and more e-merchants integrate content created by their users on their websites to develop their sales.

More authentic, video management platforms reassure, inspire and build consumer loyalty by establishing a dynamic community among customers. So how do websites go about collecting and distributing the content of their users effectively? In this article we will review 3 examples of merchant websites that have successfully incorporated a video management platform into their marketing website successfully. inspires through their video management platform was born 2010 in London from the meeting of three design enthusiasts. Since then, their website has shaken up the rules, pursuing a simple goal: to make their product affordable and therefore accessible to as many people as possible. We also find the « power to the people » spirit in the marketing strategy of their website : the distributor has created « Unboxed » a simili-Pinterest entirely powered by the community of customers. The goal is twofold : to inspire visitors with the creations and reassure consumers about the final rendering of a product by seeing it in real.

Asos getting help from micro-influencers

As the first e-shop to have integrated the video into its product listings, the fashion giant ASOS has seen its sales explode in a few years to become one of the favorite e-commerce websites of the millenials. The distributor, who began collaborating with renowned ambassadors like Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, and even Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, decided to change strategy in 2013.

The ASOS Insider program was launched to transform its most active fans on social networks to ambassadors. The concept is simple: visitors present their styles to the audience. In exchange, they receive free coupons and products. Highly followed, these micro-influencers are not real models. The selected profiles look like any fashion pique, and in that the consumers can more easily identify with them and project themselves when they try the products of the brand.

Besson Chausssures involve real consumers

During 2018, the Besson Chaussures website has launched a video ambassadors club to present its products with complete transparency. On each, club members take the time to present the shoe, explain what they like about it and then display it through a series of looks that they have imagined to wear.

Once again, the video format hits the mark: they can be clicked directly from the carousel of images, choosing the product that interests them in real conditions of use. No photoshop, no models, no stagings that only exist on TV. These authentic videos showcase the product on real people, in real life. Ultimately, the brand aims to present a consumer video on each of its 3000 products range.

9 out of 10 consumers search online for a purchase and 85% of consumers believe that a video management platform is more influential in their decisions than branded content. A little User Generated Content provides social proof that will reassure the user and allow him to project with the product to finalize the their basket.

Pages equipped with a video management platform see an increase of 15 to 88% in their conversion rate. New generations of consumers are looking for a personalized and authentic purchase experience. Nearly 8 Gen-Z out of 10 prefer ads that show real people in everyday life, and 71% of them do not like advertisements that portray an idealized lifestyle. Feel free to reach to us for more tips on how to make the most out of a video management platform.

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