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Except in exceptional cases, an agency will often cost more than a freelancer. In addition, we have a found you a great SEO expert at Marrakesh, with several internal tools, netlinking partnerships, etc.). The advantage of being located in or around Marrakesh is that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) experts.

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It exists even for free but it’s not the same quality, and overall, only one first question arises at the very beginning of your research : Freelance or Agency ? As you can imagine, the answer to this question will mainly depend on the budget you can allocate to your marketing mission.

First of all, know that you can find out more about me as a SEO expert at Marrakesh on our about page, but let’s do a quick tour of the main points concerning our freelance profile. We have more than 300 happy customers, including celebrities, and above 10 years of experience, started by offering web writing services. For the rest, read on!

My process as a SEO Expert at Marrakesh

B2B Seo Specialist

As a SEO expert at Marrakesh, I always improve the 3 pillars of SEO for my clients : the technique of their website (speed, structure, etc.), the content of their website (optimizations and semantics) in addition to the netlinking of their website (backlinks campaign). Let’s take a closer look at how we go about boosting these 3 aspects!

Our technical search engine optimization service always begins with an audit. During this phase, we will identify all the flaws present in the construction of the website. Of course, we can also take care of technical optimizations later, if no dedicated profile can do it for you. In any case, working on this aspect is fundamental in SEO.

As a SEO expert at Marrakesh, I allow you to start on a good basis. Who would want to invest money in SEO services on a non-optimal website at the base ? In addition to this, this SEO axis is becoming more and more important in Google’s ranking factors, especially with everything being now related to user experience.

As you probably know, content is an essential aspect in SEO. As a SEO expert in Marrakesh, I always take care of optimizing the content of my clients’ sites. Overall, here are the SEO missions relating to the content of the website : study of keywords, editorial audit and optimization, content planning, SEO writing, internal netlinking, etc.

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Indeed, it is inevitable to talk about netlinking, which increases your popularity on the web. Here is how we proceed : to work on this pillar, we will start by auditing the popularity and authority of your site, but also those of your competitors’ sites. Following this step, we will know what needs to be put in place to keep your competitors at a distance.

This will allow me, as a SEO expert at Marrakesh, to therefore formulate a 100% adapted netlinking strategy. Finally, during the netlinking campaign, we will obtain strong backlinks to your website on a continuous basis, coming from quality sites. Obviously, more advanced techniques, such as for the semantics, can be implemented in certain cases.

We are the profile you are searching for to support the Google SEO of your site, so do not hesitate to contact us via the form at the bottom of this page. We answer all requests. Afterwards, we will organize a discussion to talk about your needs and objectives in regards to SEO.

In summary, choosing me as a SEO expert at Marrakesh, is benefitting from a profile with experience forged with hundreds of clients, at very affordable prices and professional tools.

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